The 39th Moscow Film Festival presents a retrospective of Konstantin Lopushansky’s films on the occasion of his 70th anniversary. On numerous occasions the Festival became the venue where Konstantin Lopushansky presented his deeply personal films which were usually shot in his unique genre of philosophical and poetic allegory. His well-known films “Visitor to the Museum” (Special prize “Silver George” of the 16th MIFF) and “Role” (in competition at the 35th MIFF) became outstanding events.
…You always turn to some other epoch only if it represents an imaginary replica of your emotions and feelings. For instance, in the film “Role” I wanted to penetrate deep into the Russian national character, into its archetypes. We know a lot of stories of our great artistic personalities who came back to revolutionary Russia, even understanding that many of them were doomed. It held some sort of horrible fascination and risk of peering into the abyss. Our culture was obsessed with the desire to understand, to understand the peculiar beauty of this new world, a new and cruel Barbaric world which settled in ousting everything else. Like Platonov did. Many imagined they could discern a fresh new breath in it. They looked into the face of the Barbarian, into Stalin’s face, expecting to see a sort of revelation, but instead they saw only their own death.