Eisenberg Paris is a luxury skin-care, fragrance and make-up brand founded by José Eisenberg in 2000. The company is known for the use of the Trio-Molecular Formula in its skin care products, and for its L’Art du Parfum concept.  The Trio-Molecular Formula is a patented technology discovered and developed by the founder. This formula contains three molecules existing in nature which can help regenerate, energise and oxygenate the skin. 
José Eisenberg is the sole creator of each fragrance of his luxury and unique collection. Because he has always been in love with Beauty, perfumes are naturally an integral part of his sensory world. The first perfume "J'OSE" (which means “I dare” in French) was launched in 2002. L’Art du Parfum is the first unique concept in the world which links Art and Perfume. It was launched in 2011. Juarez Machado, famous Brasilian artist, became the one who could visualise the philosophy of Jose Eisenberg's fragrances. Guided by Jose Eisenberg step by step, Machado created paintings for L’Art du Parfum line.
L’Art du Parfum consists of 10 women and 5 men fragrances, and every fragrance has its own unique character and story of creation. EISENBERG Paris is exclusively represented in L’etoile stores and on letu.ru