The traditional program “Russian Trace” demonstrates the rich and diverse contribution of Russian culture not only to the modern screen art, but also to other spheres of life in different parts of the planet. 
The documentary “Voice of Wine” relates the story of the heir of Russian aristocrats  Andrey Chelischev who revived the culture of wine making in the USA after the devastating Prohibition law. The choice of live-action films is wide-scale in the Russian spirit, ranging from melodrama about the unlikely friendship of a young musician and an elderly emigrant in “Slipaway” to the avant-gardist raging of “Europa” by Miguel Ángel Pérez Blanco with the Russian actor in the leading role: Alexei Solonchev plays two parts of Alex/Victor today and at the turn of the Millenium when the tragic destiny of our planet is revealed to him and his French beloved. “Delirium” by the British filmmakers Gareth Jones and Fiona Howe completes the trilogy which is saturated with allusions to Russian culture and especially music. Psychological dramas about Russian people abroad “According to Her” and “Son of Sofia” won international acclaim and are sure to arouse the interest of the festival audience. 
Kirill Razlogov