The Moscow Film Festival continues to present new contemporary South Korean directors to the audience. The 39th Festival will hold a retrospective of JK Youn’s films. 
He debuted as a director in 2001 with the comedy “My Boss, My Hero”. The main character is a young and totally illiterate gangster, who causes his father a lot of headache. Finally he is forced to go back to school and get his secondary education certificate. The film was such a huge success at home that it was followed by two sequels and even the Japanese mini-series with the same name. The success allowed JK Youn to direct the first Korean catastrophe movie “Tidal Wave”, which also became a hit, and later the epic “Ode to my father” devoted to the director’s father and his generation which lived through the Korean war and its dramatic consequences. “I shot a family movie which can bring together three generations in a cinema hall” – that is how the director defined his goal. JK Youn is active in South Korean cinema as a producer. He oversaw the production of such movies as the dynamic thriller “Confidential Assignment” with Hyun Bin in the leading role, and the melodrama “Dancing Queen”. All his producer’s and directorial works have one distinctive feature: they bring to life Korean national traditions seen through various cinematic genres. The viewers appreciated their warmth, mild humor and belief in the power of the human spirit capable of overcoming all obstacles in life.