Crested Ibis
Director Liang Qiao
107’ / 2017
The story begins with Vince Kang, a reporter in Beijing, having to go back to his hometown to report a crested ibis, one of the national treasures found unexpectedly. During the process of pursuit and hide of the crested ibis, everyone’s interest is revealed and the scars, both mental and physical were rip up. In addition, the environment pollution, an aftermath from China`s development pattern, is brought into daylight. The story, from the perspective of a returnee, reveals the living condition of rural China and exposes the dilemma of humanity. In the end, Vince, the renegade, had no alternative but make a compromise with his birthland.
Liang Qiao professor and postgraduate tutor of directing department in Beijing Film Academy. Major works of TV series: Mother Will Marry, How to Save You My Love. Major works of films: Fly, Keelung, My Own Private Deutschland. Awarded by various film festivals in many times.
Director Fenar Ahmad
112’ / 2017
Zaid is a successful surgeon and lives in a fancy apartment with his pregnant girlfriend. One night Zaid's younger brother, Yasin, knocks on his door and asks his brother for money. Zaid refuses. A few days later Yasin gets assaulted and killed. Since the police are not very helpful, Zaid feels forced to find out who did it himself and embarks on a mission to eliminate all the criminal gangs in Copenhagen. He disguises himself and takes on the criminal underworld. But Zaid's persistent battle results in serious consequences for himself and his family, and he has to decide if the price of revenge is worth it all.
Fenar Ahmad (1981) born in Czechoslovakia and moved to Denmark in 1986 as an Iraqi refugee. In 2010 he graduated from the alternative Danish film school Super16 where he made the short film Megaheavy (2009), which was selected for the Berlinale and screened at a large number of festivals. The film was honored with a Danish Robert award for best short fiction. His feature debut Flow (2014) was premiered at CPH PIX and screened at London Film Festival. Darkland (2017) is his second film.
Director Víctor García León
85’ / 2017
Bosco’s life falls apart on the day his father – a corrupt Minister – is sent to prison. Betrayed by friends, left by his girlfriend, expelled from an elitist private university and, finally, evicted from his house, he is forced to share an apartment in a poor neighborhood. At the same time, he falls in love with an extreme left-wing, blind social worker who, almost as stupid as Bosco himself.
Víctor García León (1976) his directorial debut More Shame than Glory (2001) earned him two Goya Award nominations. He was one of the directors participating in the documentary omnibus ¡Hay motivo! (2004). His second feature Go Away From Me (2006) premiered at the San-Sebastian film festival and received Best Actor award for Juan Diego. Selfie is his third feature film.
Symphony for Ana
Directors Ernesto Ardito, Virna Molina
119’ / 2017
Ana and Isa are inseparable friends who attend the prestigious and traditional National High School of Buenos Aires in the years leading up to the 1976 coup d’état. Both grew up with the idea that there are two essential things in life: experiencing true love and changing the world. When the time comes for Ana to fall in love, things are not so clear. The pressure from her student political group because she has fallen in love with a boy from another party and her own fear about having sex for the first time, cause her to distance herself from her boyfriend Lito and get closer to Camilo. Nothing will be the same. Her heart is trapped between two passions and – though she is only 15 years olds – the political reality will force her to make an irreversible decision.
Virna Molina (1975) and Ernesto Ardito (1972) are argentine filmmakers. Ernesto studied Social Communication at the Buenos Aires University and Filmmaking at the Avellaneda School of Art and Film. In this school he met Virna Molina, who was also studying filmmaking. Their debut was in 2003 with documentary Raymundo, which won 18 international awards. They founded and directed two Documentary Argentine Associations: DOCA and RDI (Integral Filmmakers Documentary Film) to promote supportive public policies and diffusion of documentary filmmaking in Argentina. Their filmography includes Heart of the Factory (2008), Nazion (2011), Moreno (2013), Alejandra (2013), The future is ours (2014), Panic Attack (2017). Symphony for Ana is their fiction feature debut.
Star Boys
Director Visa Koiso-Kanttila
82’ / 2017
Star Boys is a story of two families being torn apart by disintegrating moral values when the sexual revolution arrives at a conservative and religious small town in Northern Finland. The film takes us inside the lives of two families through the eyes of the children, 13-year-old Star boys, forced to observe from too close a distance the consequences of their parents’ sexual  liberation and endless need for love and freedom.
Visa Koiso-Kanttila (1970) graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences (1996) and studied documentary in The New School, New York. He is one of the most acknowledged documentary filmmakers in Finland, a maker of often taboo-breaking films such as Father To Son (2004), A Winter’s Journey (2007), Portrait Of A Man (2010). Star Boys is Koiso-Kanttila’s debut as a fiction director and scriptwriter – the story is inspired by his own childhood memories from the 1970s.
Director Ryutaro Nakagawa
88’ / 2017
A former teacher, Hatsumi, has a secret. Three years after her boyfriend died, she encounters a former student and a young artist. In the night of summer, she confesses her past.
Ryutaro Nakagawa (1990) made his feature debut in 2012. Two years after his second feature August in Tokyo which was screened at the Tokyo film festival as well as his second feature Tokyo Sunrise (2015). Ryutaro Nakagawa becomes the youngest director ever to have his films selected by TIFF two years in a row. His film is highly recognized by international media, including Cahiers du Cinéma, as a new wave.
Director Kim Bong-han
Republic of Korea
121’ / 2017
1987. Major crimes unit detective Seong-jin arrests Tae-sung for petty crimes, but shocked to find out that he is the notorious serial killer. However, Seong-jin becomes doubtful of his identity as the serial murder case is investigated. Nevertheless, when Gyu-nam offers help to treat Seong-jin's sick son, Seong-jin has to assist him in fabricating the evidence. Meanwhile, journalist Chu dies under suspicious circumstances, and Seong-jin realizes that Gyu-nam is behind Chu's death and tries to find out the truth. But, as Seong-jin gets closer to the truth, Gyu-nam's threats intensify.
The Best Of All Worlds
Director Adrian Goiginger
Germany / Austria
103’ / 2017
Adrian is seven and growing up in Salzburg. His young mother Helga and her boyfriend are both heroin addicts; his biological father died before he was born. Helga loves her son above all else. She is torn between her attempts to be the best mother possible and her need to fill the void inside with the consumption of drugs. In this world privation is the norm. What little money there is goes on heroin and although Helga keeps trying to kick the habit her efforts regularly come to nought. All of this is part of young Adrian’s daily life. His world is nonetheless full of adventure and all kinds of experiences and he perceives his to be a happy childhood. It goes without saying that this happiness is far from being an innocent idyll. When Helga finally decides to face up to her addiction and undergo treatment it also means that she must – albeit temporarily – surrender custody of her son to social services. Their deep love for one another is about to be put to a huge test.
Adrian Goiginger (1991) after completing school he spent a year serving as a reserve cadet in the Austrian Armed Forces. In 2012 he co-founded the 2010 Entertainment OG production company with school friends in Salzburg where he has worked as a director and screenwriter for short films, commercials, corporate and music videos. In 2013 he began studying directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. His short films Sound of Silence (2014) and Billion Walk (2015) screened at numerous international festivals and won multiple awards. The Best Of All Worlds is his debut feature film.
No Bed of Roses
Director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki
Bangladesh / India
The story builds up around the members of two families discovering the finer fabric of love when the headman of a family dies. Filmmaker named Javed Hasan leaves his wife and marries an actress who was his daughter's classmate in school.
Mostofa Sarwar Farooki (1973) is a Bangladeshi film director, screenwriter and film producer. He is the pioneer of an avant-garde filmmakers' movement called "Chabial". His first two films, which he considers to be an educational effort, were Bachelor (2003). His third film Third Person Singular Number was premiered in Pusan International Film Festival. It had its European premier in International Film Festival Rotterdam. Farooki made quite a recognizable mark for him with followed Television (2012) and Ant Story (2013).
Thawed Carp
Director Vladimir Kott
100’ / 2017
Elena Mihailovna, having worked all her life in the only school of a provincial town, lives modestly in retirement. Unexpectedly she learns of a fatal diagnosis that can end her life at any second. She realizes that she can't tell her only son, whom she has not seen for over five years, the truth. She remains alone: just her and a huge carp, that begins to understand her more than the entire world around her…
Vladimir Kott (1973) after completing a theatre training, worked as director in countless regional theatres. He became acquainted with the film business as Alexander Kott's right hand on the film Two Drivers (2002). He then completed a film course with the successful short film The Door (2004). Kott’s feature debut The Fly (2008) won prizes all over the world and his second film Gromozeka (2011) was shown in the competition program of the Rotterdam Film Festival. His selected filmography also includes The Lower Depths (2014) and TV drama Pyotr Leschenko (2013) among others.
Buy me
Director Vadim Perelman
107’ / 2017
Buy me is the dramatic story about hunger for fame. Katya, a young girl from a good family, a student of philology is awarded a grant to study archives in Paris but instead of heading to Paris she travels to the Arab Emirates to start international modeling career…

Vadim Perelman (1963) born in Kiev, at the age of 14 moved to Rome and then to Canada. He attended the University of Alberta, majoring in physics and maths, before a sophomore-year class in film-making completely changed his focus. Moving to Toronto, he studied film at Ryerson University's School of Image Arts for two years, before launching his own Toronto-based production house, called Canned Films. After honing his skills directing and editing music videos, he decided to make the move to Los Angeles to further his career. He discovered House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III before it was an acclaimed bestseller. His feature debut under the same name received three Oscar nominations. Since 2013 works in Russia. His filmography includes The Life Before Her Eyes (2007), Yolki-5 (2016) and TV-series Pepel (2013) and Izmeny (2016).

Yellow Heat
Director Fikret Reyhan
85’ / 2017
In a field surrounded and squeezed by increasing industrialization, an immigrant family, deep in financial debt, struggles to survive through traditional farming. Their son, Ibrahim, determined to find his own way, dreams of a different future for himself. Ibrahim is surrounded by not only his familys feudal circumstances but also the merciless system of the region. However, he finds that it is not so easy to turn a dream into reality. His actions will have many unexpected consequences for both himself and for his family.

Fikret Reyhan (1974) has a master's degree in Engineering physics. He has a published novel Defne as well as several short stories.  A Few Pennies (2009) is his debut short film. He also edited all of his short films and documentaries. His first feature film Yellow Heat (2017) was received the Golden Tilup award of the Istanbul FF for best film of the national competition as well as awards for best actor, cinematography and editing.

The Bottomless bag
Director Rustam Khamdamov
105’ / 2017
Based on Ryunosuke Akutagawa's In a Grove, story takes place during the times of Tsar Alexander II. A lady-in-waiting tells the Emperor in his bedroom a metaphysical story about a 13th century prince who is killed in the woods under mysterious circumstances. Fairy tale characters who have witnessed the terrible death, all share their version of the events, gradually shedding light on what really happened.

Rustam Khamdamov (1944) graduated in directing from the All Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in 1969, where he had studied under Grigori Chukhrai. Winner of the Triumph prize in 1996 and of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation award. In 2003, he became the first living Russian artist to have his work included in the Hermitage's modern collection. Khamdamov's work is on display at the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Zimmerli Art Museum in Rutgers University, the National Museum of Ravenna, and in numerous private collections around the world. His filmography includes In the Mountains of My Heart (1967), Anna Karamazoff (1991), Vocal Parallels (2006), Diamonds. Theft (2010)