For the first time in the history of the Moscow International Film Festival, an out-of-competition display of horror and thriller films will take place. It’s impossible to be indifferent to the horror genre. Some adore it, some hate it, and some are just curious to experience  new fears. The first thrillers and horrors were born with cinema itself. For over a hundred years Count Dracula and Frankenstein, werewolves and mummies have sold out at movie theaters. This is a unique genre, in which there is a place for the tragic, the comic, and even the melodramatic. In our program action-packed scenes of different genres are collected: dramatic fantasy, mysticism, game action horror, suspense, psychological thriller, slasher, and, of course, such a particularly interesting and frightening layer as live horror films, or horror films, based on real events.
The program includes both full-length works and a series of short films. The subjects are most varied: one is a narrative about the fine line between dream and reality, the second is about the inability to say goodbye to your past, the third is about how it’s easier to rejuvenate your skin at the expense of another person's skin, than use expensive creams and medications, and an action movie based on a computer game, and a movie story about how celebrating Halloween may not always be fun, and a film about saving the human soul from the invasion of demons. You will see stories about a camera, that kills with pictures, about monsters, living in the minds of people, wandering souls of ghost soldiers and maniacs chasing their victims. Waiting for you are secrets, that hide in locked rooms, the apocalypse of the deaf and the mute, and even the results of an unsuccessful male circumcision.
It's no secret that Russia has not yet learned to compete with foreign leaders of this genre: Italy, the USA, Japan, the Scandinavian countries. The "horror" genre in our country is still at the development stage due to the fact that in the USSR this type of cinema was under an unofficial ban. The film industry of modern Russia is mastering the most modern techniques and advanced technologies. In many genres the progress is noticeable, but, unfortunately, this cannot yet be said about the genre of "horror films". НIt comes as no surprise that all the guest stars from abroad, during the film festival of action-movies and horror films "Drop", spent master classes all saying the same thing, explaining to both experienced and amateur directors of horror movies: "In Russia, you will only then learn how to shoot a horror movie, when you will base them on what is relevant, interesting, and most importantly, authentic for Russia and for Russians, i.e. films based on folklore, classical literature, fairy tales, hero epics, and even the "horror stories" told at night by the fire. "Perhaps this is the future and success of this genre in our country. That is why this program has incorporated films by foreign directors; the representatives of New Zealand, Australia, Norway, the USA, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland and other countries will all attempt to convey what people around the world are deeply afraid of.
The goal of the program is to draw the attention of active and creative people to a separate and respected layer of the most massive of the arts, to celebrate the achievements of foreign cinematographers and simply to acquaint the Russian viewer with interesting foreign films that are not in the mainstream. But not to scare. After all, horror movies, as you know, are not meant to simply scare, they teach us not to be afraid,  how to behave in various kinds of unforeseen situations. Moreover, in a number of countries there already exists a so-called "horror therapy", when psychotherapists, through the demonstration of frightening video sequences, try to rid their patients of the phobias and fears that torment them. So we hope that this program will not only "be accepted", but will be fixed in the festival calendar of the Moscow International Film Festival for many years .
Victor Bulankin