Directors, represented in this retrospective, can rightfully be called classics of the Argentine cinema, classics, endowed with the daring of the discoverers. Fernando Ezequiel Solanas (born 1936), Leonardo Favio (1938-2012), Eliseo Subiela (1944-2016) – milestones of the renewal of national cinema  are linked with their names, its recognition outside of Argentina.
The films of Solanas and Subiela, marked by awards of international festivals, became events in the mid-1980s. XX century, when the country could finally breathe after the fall of the military dictatorship. The innovative poetics of these films, born of a sense of freedom, absorbed such diverse "building" material as music, dance, poetry, theater. Feature film Tango. The expulsion of Gardel (1985) by Solanas, the author of the world-famous documentary film Hour of Lights (1968), strikes with an original genre, whose name is "tangedy," the synthesis of Argentine tango, comedy and tragedy. 
The life of Argentinean immigrants in Paris is told by the musical choreographic language of tango. The film South (best director award at the Cannes Festival, 1988) is about those who found the courage to stay during the years of dictatorship in their homeland is a more personal, confessional picture, where the tango-song, with its lyrical hero taken as the basis. The great reformer of the tango, composer Astor Piazzolla became a full co-author of both works.
The original films of the  beloved by critics Subiela elude the field of genre definitions. An ambiguity of interpretations is attracted by A man looking to the southeast, filled with metaphors and allusions. The Dark side of the heart captures the magic of the poetic word and the symbolic rivalry of Love and Death.
Leonardo Favio, a cult-favorite director in Argentina, one of the pioneers of the new cinema of the 1960s, is better known abroad as a singer and musician. His films, made in the spirit of poetic realism, connected with the traditions of folk culture, are invariably among the ten best Argentine films. Juan Moreira (1973), who received a huge success among Argentine viewers, is dedicated to the legendary personality of national folklore.
Tatiana Vetrova