Now it seems amazing that once the program “Masters” did not exist at the Moscow Film Festival. It is a chance to poke into the secrets of the directorial Olympus, where time-tested filmmakers toil, whose films are doomed to special interest of the audience whatever the artistic results in the present particular case might be. In what artistic shape is Eldar Shengelaya, the Georgian master, one of those who back in the 60-s of the past century ensured the viewers’ interest in the unique film culture of his country? We hope that this interest will be reignited in the future. What new surprises has Ang Lee in store for us? The director who bravely explores the newest film technologies and has tried his hand in every possible genre from pseudo classical adaptations and period thrillers with ample display of eastern martial arts to homoerotic dramas? This time he chose to shoot his movie about the American soldier Billy Lean at the speed of 120 frames per second. How is Jacques Doillon faring in the biographical genre? At the Cannes Festival he presented to the public Vincent Lindon  playing the character of the restless genius Auguste Rodin. What new roles have Marion Cotillard and Charlotte Gainsbourg played in the latest movie by the true master Arnaud Desplechin? Without any exaggeration they can be called masters of the acting art too. As well as Renato Carpentieri, who played the protagonist in “La tenerezza” by the veteran Italian director Gianni Amelio. His famous fellow countryman Michele Placido, who will present his latest film “7 Minutes” has long been known not only as a top professional actor, but as a master director. In this program we cast a look back. The son of the great Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, who passed away last year, completed his father’s last work - the movie “24 frames”, while the Master of the cinematic Universe Thierry Frémaux, who is also the director of the Institut Lumiere, rediscovered the brilliant inventors of the film art as such in his film “Lumière!”.