Russian VR Seasons

More than 40 short VR-films are set to be shown in the framework of the program  Russian VR Seasons, dedicated to the experimental format of spherical film for VR helmets.
In the framework of the festival, a special VR zone will be created on June 23-28 at Karo Oktyabt multiplex cinema. The VR zone will have a capacity of 30 seats, and will be situated opposite the screening hall 6, where press screenings and press conferences take place. In this zone, Russian and international VR projects will be presented, documentary, fiction and animation films in 360 format will be shown, and discussion and education panels will take place. 
«Many festivals, both major and small, are testing the VR format. Having gathered the experience of the most successful events such as the Russian EMC VR Film Festival, VR screenings at Sundance, Tribeca, industry programs of Cannes, Berlin, Dubai and other key film showcases, we have decided to make an entirely different event format,» the section curator Georgy Molodtsov commented. 
The VR section of the Moscow International Film Festival will be working in two formats: press presentations of the most significant Russian projects in the morning and early afternoon, aimed at journalists, and public events in the evening, for the festival viewers and accredited guests. The main press presentations will take place on June 23-25, at 11am-2pm. The VR zone viewers will be able to see new Russian projects every hour, and then ask the authors their questions.  
«We understand of course that for the majority of our viewers this will be the first VR experience, and many of the projects are at the experimental stage, creatively speaking. It is important for us, though, that this experiment clearly shows the advantages of the VR film, and builds up the interest both in mass audience and in industry professionals,» Georgy Molodtsov explained. 
The most high-quality technological solutions available have been chosen for the project. The screenings will take place with the use of the best solutions for VR – top-of-the-line smartphones Samsung Galaxy and helmets Samsung Gear VR.  To arrange the simultaneous start of the films on 30 augmented reality glasses at the VR cinema, the special Virtual Reality Content Manager will be used. The system has been developed by the section's partner, Russian new media company Great Gonzo Studio. Harman's headphones JBL E-series will provide the best sound – one of the main VR impact techniques, along with the spherical image.