SERGEY SOLOVYOV, an outstanding Russian filmmaker, received the Special Prize for An Outstanding Contribution to the World Cinema at the opening ceremony of the 38th Moscow International Film Festival in Pushkinsky concert hall on June 23. 
Sergey Solovyov graduated from the faculty of directing of VGIK (Mikhail Romm and Alexander Stolper’s class) in 1969. In 1969 he debuted as a director, and in 1971 directed his first feature YEGOR BULYCHYOV AND OTHERS. Solovyov has received many national as well as international awards. His best and most well-known works, such as ONE HUNDRED DAYS AFTER CHILDHOOD (1975, Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival), THE LIFEGUARD (1980, Special Jury Citation at the Venice Film Festival), DIRECT HEIRESS (1982), WILD PIGEON (1986, Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival), ASSA (1987), BLACK ROSE IS AN EMBLEM OF SORROW, RED ROSE IS AN EMBLEM OF LOVE (1990), and TENDER AGE (2000), are among the most influential and famous Soviet and Russian films. Sergey Solovyov was the President of the Moscow International Film Festival from 1995 to 1997. The director’s latest works include CLASSMATES, ANNA KARENINA and 2-ASSA-2.