When “Spectrum” appeared for the first time among Moscow Film Festival’s programs, one of the renowned film critics joked nervously it must be a ghost produced by James Bond's subconscious. 
But no – and the present program makes it especially clear – these are the films that only share one thing, and this thing is  having absolutely nothing in common. The movies selected for this section display various atmospheres and states of mind. The Festival will stage the Russian premiere of Gabe Klinger’s “Porto” where the outstanding Russian American Anton Yelchin brilliantly played his – sadly – last part. You will appreciate a certain genre madness when you watch the Russian-language Latvian film “Tas, ko vini neredz” with the very popular Russian actors Yevgeny Tkachuk and Katerina Shpits. It reaches its highest point in the Dutch movie “Quality Time” which gives equal rights to most exotic forms of film narrative from Tetris-like to quasi-documentary. There is also a virtuoso film by one of the most prominent directors of the Romanian “new wave” Calin Peter Netzer “Ana, mon amour”. Most certainly the list of films will promptly be continued and enlarged as soon as new movies appear. And probably the most important thing is that the majority of these very different, challenging, utterly auteur films have entered the Spectrum as international and world premieres.